What is Zero-Hour Marketing?

Zero-Hour Marketing is a group of seasoned professionals with varied backgrounds focused on assisting companies of all sizes with their digital marketing challenges. Whether your company is looking to identify opportunities, implement a new program, optimize an existing program, or needs help with data measurement and analysis, our team can support you. We’ve worked with companies from many different industries utilizing a wide variety of platforms. Coupled with our ability to quickly familiarize with new systems and situations, this insures you won’t waste time or money on a lengthy assessment process and we can serve your needs as quickly as possible.

We are available on-site in the Los Angeles/Orange County metro areas or on a remote basis.



Our analytics specialists can assist you in learning more about every aspect of your business. Whether you need a qualitative assessment regarding a specific issue, or would just like to get more visibility to the KPIs that you measure success by, our wealth of knowledge on test methodology and data mining/manipulation can get you the information you need. We can also assist in data validation and forecasting.

One company we worked with wanted to know whether it made sense to pay for branded PPC terms or if they were purely navigational. We devised and implemented a test that split their PPC audience by DMA, measured the impact based on the relative change in each panel from the test period to a prior period, and gave a full graphical summary to be presented to executive leadership.
A separate company needed a central report showing their KPIs on a daily basis, so we worked with them to identify the right KPIs to look at and designed a report utilizing the various data sources they relied on. We then automated as much of the report as possible and documented the generation process so that it could be run by an internal resource on an ongoing basis.

Analytics platforms and data sources we’ve used:
IBM Coremetrics • Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture Sitecatalyst) • Google Analytics • Internal Data via ODBC/SQL
NetSuite CRM (formerly Marketworks) • Demandware • JDA • Island Pacific • Order Power • ACT


Revenue Generation

Acquisition or Retention, implementing new programs or optimizing existing programs, our team of revenue generation experts can help improve your KPIs. Our primary channels of focus are PPC/SEM (all consultants are Google AdWords and Bing Adcenter certified), Email, and Marketplaces, though we are also experienced in Display/Retargeting and on-site Conversion Optimization. We are capable of working hands-on inside programs as well as managing agency partnerships.

One company we worked with wanted to know if they were getting everything they could from their Amazon marketplace. We assessed the opportunities available and discovered that there was actually a technical issue preventing a large number of items from being displayed. Remediating this issue instantly doubled their sales in that channel.
Another company wanted to build out their automated email program, so we assessed their existing automated campaigns, identified several QA and timing issues, and once those were remediated, expanded their welcome campaign to re-capture the customers who had not converted off of the initial email. These combined steps resulted in a 25% lift in daily revenue from this series along with decreased list attrition due to email timing issues.

Revenue generation platforms we’ve used:
Google AdWords • Bing Adcenter • Marin • Adobe Media Optimizer • Doubleclick • Responsys • Commission Junction
Conversant (formerly Dotomi) • Channel Advisor • Amazon Seller Central